Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Is Why I Hate People

This morning, I was walking Kilo, just outside Riverside Park, when I cam across a pet carrier. Upon closer inspection, I saw there was a dog in there. I noticed she didn't have a collar or any tags.


When I opened the carrier, I could immediately tell she was malnourished. I also guessed she's a Cockapoo. I had no idea how old she was, but I could feel her spine and ribs when I stroked her back and sides.

Feeling like a seven year old, I brought her home (Surprise Josie!) and later took her to the vet. The good news is she seems to be fine, though her weight, at 8 pounds is about a third of what it should be (the vet estimated her age at three).

We are gonna keep her for now, though not sure if it will be permanent as adding a skittish Cockapoo to our household, which includes an energetic pittie and a pregnant wife may not be the most brilliant of ideas.

Then again, who said I was brilliant?


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Aliza said...

Posted this to my Facebook. Wish I could help you with walks, but my "route" is in Brooklyn.

Wishing you lots of strength to continue doing this important work!