Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Would YOU Do?

Okay folks...Here's a rhetorical question for y'all (Not sure why I write with a southern accent, when if you watched this video, you can tell I'm Queens, NY, through and through). Anyway....

Congratulations! For some reason, even though the BOD knows you won't kowtow to their wishes, they have annointed you as the new Executive Director of the Animal "Care" and Control!

What would be your first order of business?

For purposes of this question, let's say that the Julie Banks reign never existed, so don't answer anything related to reversing her decisions, like rehiring Emily/Jeff/Derek, giving volunteers access to CHAM, etc. (Cause I KNOW what everyone would say some form of that!)

Rock On,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Julie Bank

The vitriol towards Julie Bank seems to be approaching Michael Vick level among animal lovers.

Here's a question for ya -

Is the relationship beyond repair?

What if, and I highly doubt her ego will allow for this, but what if, she made a public statement, expressing sorrow for the way has she handled things, reinstated Emily/Jeff, and promised to hold town hall type meetings with the animal rescue community?

Would that suffice? Or, are her crimes (not sure whether to put that in quotes) so egregious that her Reign of (T)error can not be salvaged?

What do you think?

Rock On,

Harris Bloom

Wall Street Accountant Takes Down ACC Board

Um, this is me...

Rock On,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Do YOU Think?

Okay, we finally have the money for t-shirts - We will have the Stewie to the Rescue logo on the left chest area. Here's the question - Should we have any writing on the back?
A - No
B - Yes, it should say "I Am Stewie's Army"
C - Yes, it should say "This T-shirt Saved An Animal"
D - Yes, it should say "Part of the Solution"  (Because I like to say "you are either part of the problem or part of the solution)
E - Something else?
Leemee know!
Also, TONIGHT! - Come out to Gotham Comedy Club for our fundraiser with Eve's Sanctuary! 8 PM start!
Here are the deets -
Virtually Yours,

Harris Bloom