Monday, February 28, 2011

Blind Leading the Blind....

Morning, everyone.  A very good Monday to you.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

Came across a really great story depicted on THIS youtube clip.  Essentially, a blind man's seeing eye dog began leading him astray and he found out that the poor dog was having vision problems and needed immediate care.  Check out the video and see what happens...don't worry...its a happy ending.

For those of you who don't know....we often run fantastic comedy benefits for needy animals.  Our last benefit at Gotham comedy club was a great success....a sell out, actually.  We raised some great funds, gave away some awesome raffles, but we still need your help.

Our next show is coming up and we need you to come!  Tell a friend(s)!!!



Friday, February 25, 2011

A Word of Thanks...

Good morning to you on a drippy Friday.  Hope you're all doing well and have great plans on tap for the weekend.  Hopefully the weather eases up and allows us some outside time.

For those of you who don't know, we just had a fantastic comedy fundraiser at Gotham this past Wednesday.  We generally offer up a comedy event every month and totally appreciate the growing support everyone is giving us.

These events allows us to raise money for needy animals and to help change their lives for the better.  With that being said, we are very proud to announce that we had a Sell-out show this past week and want to thank those who attended (along with the great comedians who dedicated their time) for coming down.

Our mission is far from over, but with continued support like this, we will keep making a difference over and over again.


Please join us for our next JOINT Bobbi and the Strays/Stewie to the Rescue comedy fundraiser on Wednesday, March 16th @ 8pm. We've assembled an All Star line-up of comics, including...


BRIAN CICHOCKI (Comedy Pilot "Crash Life")

REESE WATERS ("Live at Gotham")

KAREN BERGREEN (Comedy Central)

JEFF CALDWELL (Late Show w/ David Letterman)

and hosted by ...

HARRIS BLOOM (Founder and President of Stewie to the Rescue!)

The cover charge is $15 (all of which goes to Stewie to the Rescue! and Bobbi and the Strays) and a two-drink minimum.

There will also be a raffle!

PLEASE, make reservations with Gotham Comedy Club at 212-367-9000.

Thanks and hope to ya there there!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Important and Incredibly Blatant Invitation.....

We at, Stewie to the Rescue, believe in being direct.  Time is a valuable commodity and we want to save ours and yours, also.  What do I mean by this rambling?  Well...glad you asked.

Tonight there is going to be an amazing, hysterically funny, uber-entertaining comedy benefit taking place at the very fine and wonderful, Gotham Comedy Club.  The door admission for this event will be going to benefit a very worthwhile cause....animals in need.  Animals who need homes...animals who need surgeries...and also owners who need help keeping their animals healthy. 

The bottom line?  Come down tonight @ 8 p.m., laugh, drink, and support an awesome cause.  You'll be very happy you did.

Here's the info....



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Offer You Should't Deny.....

Hello friends and neighbors.  Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the arctic chill in the air.  Nothing like a few semi-warm days and then the reemergence of subzero temperatures to give you a nice shock to the system, huh?

Well, hypothetically, Spring is around the corner, so I guess that's good, right?

You know what else is good (Cue blatant event tie-in!)?  Enjoying some fantastic comedy which will go to benefit needy animals!!!  Duh!

Tommorrow, Wednesday the 23rd is the time to do just that.  If you haven't secured your tickets, now is the time, folks.  Come down to Gotham Comedy Club at 8 p.m. tomorrow and join in on some big laughs and help so animals who desperately need your help.  Lives are at stake, so don't miss this!!!

There's no better way to spend Hump day than with Stewie.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs....

Good afternoon and happy Thursday to everyone.  Hope you're enjoying the warmer weather.  Beats watching strands of ice boogies forming at your nose, right?

Our founder was kind enough to post a most intriguing article.  It involves sleeping patterns and the animals you might include in them.  To check it out, CLICK HERE.


As you probably have read, there is a great event going on Feb. 19th.  Check the flier below for more info.  Its a great opportunity to take care of your animal.


Don't forget about our big event that's coming up next week....

This is going to be a great event you definitely should come out and be part of!!!!



Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  Hope you are having fun and will be warmly embracing your loved ones later on this evening if you haven't already given them a little peck this morning.

Nothing quite says romance like the title of today's blog, but there's a certain humor in it that I appreciate and hope you will, too.

That being said, being able to Spay and Neuter your animal is no laughing matter.  It's a great opportunity you should take advantage of....

For more info.  CLICK HERE.

In further news, we are having a dandy of a comedy fundraiser in which proceeds from admission will go to benefit and aid needy animals and owners.  These shows are always amazing, tons of fun, and are a must be there...

TTYS  Lovers,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fry Day!

Fastfood is delicious.  A lot of people would think so.  The few that don't are health conscious and probably are in way better shape than the average person.  Good for you.

Most people (speaking generally, not to you healthy people) like to enjoy some fastfood every week or so.  Delicious fries, hearty burgers, happy meals, and odd concoctions incorporating pancakes, sausage, egg, and little syrup pellets into one creation.  These are what we reach for.

That being said, some people are okay with giving their dog a taste.  Why not, right?  They are your best friend.  Wrong!!!  Don't do it!  I know your dogs are cute, lovable, and loyal, but don't.

CLICK HERE to read why.

Don't know if I mentioned it or not, but there's an awesome comedy show coming up....

Help out some needy animals and get some laughs.  No brainer, right?



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hellos, Happenings, and Howdy-do's!

Good morning and salutations to you all.  It's Thursday, the day that kind of feels like Friday, but leaves you empty inside after you realize its not and you have to work tomorrow.  Kind of a bummer, huh?

Well, being a Libra, I believe in balance, so I have some good news now.  Behold below for a happening that you're sure to have interest in....

This (the above flier) seems like a great event and you should most definitely check it out.

In addition!  You want more positives? you like to laugh?  I you like to heartily laugh?  Do you like animals?  Do you love animals?'re in luck....

A great show for a great cause.  It's more than a night out...its quality time and a way to help an animal in need.  Don't tell me that's not rad, because it is!



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

That Dog is a Punk!

Some people got it.  They were always the favorite.  Always the popular kid in school, at work, or at the bar.  They smile, they say the right thing, and they are the person that you've always wanted to be.

On the other side of that equation...well...there's  I'm not the popular kid.  I'm not the one who smiles or makes nice.  I'm not the one who tries to win everyone's favor or be in the spotlight.  I'm the punk.

Now being a punk isn't to say that you're a bad person.  I've known several punks who were incredibly nice.  Speaking for myself, I can say that despite my glum, harsh, somewhat menacing exterior, there is a slightly likable guy in there somewhere.

Now, that being said...lets connect this to a topic that actually involves animals, okay?  Okay!

You're probably asking yourself...."hows he gonna tie this all together?"

Well, with THIS ARTICLE of course!  This article focuses on dogs in terms of socializing and even gives some advice as to how get them to join in a little more.  It even focuses upon those darn "punk" dogs and gives an insight as to why they might be so anti-social.  Worth a read.

Good tie-in, right?

Know how you can better socialize yourself (here comes another tie-in!)?  Well, by attending a fantastic comedy event that will improve upon animal's lives (This past weekend, Stewie to the Rescue helped pay for the surgery for a 2 year old Yorkie who had an intestinal blockage) and will give you some laughs in return.

Be there or be square, folks:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bowl Aftermath.....

Good morning and a good Monday to you.  So...enjoy your game?  Did it live up to expectations?  Keep you on the edge of your seat?  Everything you hoped it'd be?  I was watching "Knocked Up" on regular t.v. and I enjoyed it lol.

Besides the game itself, the Superbowl is generally noted for its commercials.  The basic consensus I've heard is that they really sucked.  Big letdowns all around.  One commercial they are talking about is from Doritos.

Now some are saying that it has tones of animal cruelty in it, others dismiss it as dark humor...basically harmless fun.  What do you think?

Want to be fully entertained with no aspect of animal cruelty?  Want to laugh, drink, be merry, and support a cause that benefits animals in need?  Well...look no further...



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supper Bowl

That's right.  I did it.  I purposely alluded to supper as to super.  Want to fight about it?

I know today is Super Bowl Sunday and there's tons of people gearing up for a big day of watching football, eating, and probably passing gas.  This is inevitable...the spices in buffalo sauce practically guarantee this...but I digress.

Though today is a day for fun, don't forget your dog.  Get your butt up and walk him during lulls (yeah, like you'll do that) or take him out during half time.  Also, don't let him get too caught up in the festivities.  Meaning...don't let him chow down like you are.

THIS ARTICLE gives you some insights as to what snacks (given in moderation and sparingly) would be okay for your dog to enjoy with you.  What ever you do, don't feed your dog a six foot hoagie.  Send that my way. the day moves forward, gear up, and enjoy.  Have fun and root for your favorite teams and be entertained.  Speaking of entertainment....


Friday, February 4, 2011

All about the smarts...

Good afternoon, everyone.  Hope you're all having a splendidly frigid and icy Friday.  Weather forecast calls for more sucky weather and icy conditions.  Enjoy.

So, on Facebook yesterday, our founder, Harris Bloom, posted a video of him and Stewie from a few years back.  He was on CBS with Stewie as part of a test as to dog response times to certain situations.  Stewie came in #2, but Harris reassured him on camera that he was number one to him.  Very nice.

So..seeing this post got me looking online and I came across this site that depicted the top ten smartest dog breeds.  You can view their results HERE.

I love lists and ratings, so I found it quite interesting.  Hope you do.



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spider-Man isn't the only hero in NYC....

Good Morning,

I might be overstating things, but I think that everyone enjoys a hero story.  I think hero stories appeals to the kid in each of us.  They remind us of a time where things weren't so convoluted and the world wasn't interpreted as so shady.  I think the only ones who don't like the hero, are the villains, but I think that's just how it goes.

Anyhow, I happened to find a video on youtube that I thought was really cool.  This time it involves two dogs (one of which is the hero of the story), which are revealed to be family.  I'm a sucker for stories like this.  Check it out for yourself right HERE.

What'd you think?  Pretty cool, right?  All he needs is a cool costume.  Maybe even a cape.  Maybe not.  Not sure if he could work the cape or not.

Speaking of heroes and such, you yourself can be a hero to a needy animal by attending our upcoming comedy fundraiser which will be happening at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC on Wed. Feb. 23rd.  Show starts at 8pm and features a super-powered comedic line-up the likes you haven't seen before (perhaps an overstatement, but they are all incredibly funny).

Note the following flier for all the info:

Be there or be square.  Be a hero to a needy animal!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go ahead...look at the backside....

I know.  Spicy blog title, right?  Well, we aim to turn heads around here, so there you go.  In truth, the title does reflect the subject matter for today's blog.

Ever wonder if your dog likes you?  I mean, you can kind of get a vibe when a person likes you, but what about your dog?  That's a tough one, right?  Well...I happened to find an article that directs you to look at your dog's tail to determine where you stand...hence the backside comment.

The article is pretty interesting and you can check it out by CLICKING HERE.  So...what did you find out?  Does your pooch like you or are they just humoring you? lol.

Speaking of humor....(here comes the shameless comedy tie-in) we have a great comedy fundraiser coming up on Feb. 23rd at Gotham Comedy Club.  Have you saved the date yet?  If not, jump on it.  Funny comics, intoxicating drinks, and great raffles for a great cause.  It's a win/win situation.

Check us out on FACEBOOK.