Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animal Rights : Obama vs. Romney

The NRA is known as a single issue organization - all they care about are gun rights - Which politician is for a strict reading of the 2nd amendment, and which opposes it, and therefore opposes them.

Their members tend to vote accordingly.

Animal rights/rescuers are similar. Next year's NYC Mayoral race will pit current City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is notoriously anti-animal,  against a host of other candidates, at least one who appears to be very pro-animal, Scott Stringer.

I can guarantee that most animal rights people will be voting Stringer (or, at the very least, anybody but Quinn)!

The upcoming Presidential election is a little more difficult when based solely on animal rights issues.

Let's say it comes down to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

They have each been the subject of one headline, as far as I know, that relate to animals rights...

Obama Calls Eagles Owner To Congratulate Him For Signing Michael Vick (Obama has yet to call to check up on the dogs that were saved) - Let's also not forget that Obama didn't initially congratulate them - He waited for a year until it was obvious that Vick was (largely) accepted by fans and was having a good year.

(Obama also just signed into law a bill that repealed a ban on horse meat plant inspections, allowing horses to be killed for food, though this is a more prickly call about whether it is just or not)...


Romney Strapped Dog To Car Roof (this was for a family car rise from Boston to Ontario - Romney later claimed that the dog "enjoyed" it and has shown zero remorse)

So, tough choice, huh? I guess that, as we seem to always have to do when voting, choose the lessor of the two evils.

Which one is it?

Harris Bloom


Kathy G said...

Wow-this is really tough based on these 2 comments.
However; if my vote was to be based solely on the information provided, I would give my vote to Obama.

Sweetestgrl401 said...

Neither -_-

Cheryll R said...

You forgot the president promised to adopt a dog from a shelter, then accepted the gift of a purebred pup from Sen. Kennedy. In his defense, who would turn down a gift of puppy love from Sen. Ted Kennedy? NO ONE. But, that was disappointing for many in the animal welfare community. Add the horse legislation and his ignoring the Vick issue, PLUS a plethora of other reasons, he would not get my vote.

I think what Romney did was not unusual for the time. Many hunters still transport their dogs in the trunks of their cars If they don't have a pick up bed to haul them in and they live to bark about it! Is it right? NO!!! We have all come a long, long way in 28 years and I know Romney now knows what he did was not right and I am sure he misspoke when he said the carrier was airtight or the dog would have died. I've known a few goofy Irish Setters in my time, too. Romney's dog probably DID like to travel up there! LOL

I truly hope that NO ONE votes based on these two comments by Obama and Romney.

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

Hi Cheryll,

First of all, I guarantee people will vote based on the actions described in this blog - I am one of them - I am of the mind that quite frankly, all these politicuians are about the same in regards to most issues (The economic cycle aint gonna care if Obama or Romney are in office - and neither would be disasterous enough to kill the economy, in spite of what spinsters on both sides would argue)

I am not sure if it was unusual or not but what Romney did WAS illegal, so someone thought it wrong...

Cheryll R said...

I'm sure it was illegal in most of the states he traveled through, but maybe not all back then. People still drive around with the dog loose in the bed of their pickup even though its illegal. I live in rural northern Michigan and you live in NYC. We are in different worlds. My community is no-kill and has been for 7 years now. It is also made up mostly of conservatives and libertarians.

Now, I ask you, have you ever broken the law and not been caught... like speeding or not using your turn signal... or not stopping completely at a stop sign or red light before turning? Don't lie! Any one of these actions could possibly end up in the injury or death of people or animals. So, let's cut him some slack as well as the president. This is petty crap.

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

I believe it was illegal in Ma.

But, to be honest, I dont really care about that aspect - It's more about how, as an "animal guy" he could do something like that to his family dog.

We may live in two different "worlds" but we still elect the same President. And no matter where he's from, I care about how he treats his animals (in Romney's case, not well in my opinion) and how he treats those who have sadistically killed animals (in obama's case, too well, in my opinion)

BigRich the DogMan said...

I have much to say here, but not enough time right now, i just want to add that the possibility that Romney's Irish Setter "enjoyed" that ride is beyond absurd... especially given that the poor dog shit and pissed all over itself. Romney pulled over at a gas station, and to the horror of his sons and anyone observing, he hosed down the carrier, dog and car, and continued on his way. Obama's comments about Vick were outrageous, yet didn't surprise me, and any hunter that transports their dog in the trunk of a car should get arrested and charged with animal cruelty.