Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Julie Bank's Nose Just Grew Another Inch (Or Three)...

Did you guys see this article?


First of all, let me say that it's great that Hill's Pet Nutrition is donating so much food to the New York City Animal Care and Control (NYC ACC). We are intimately aware with how the NYC ACC struggles to feed its animals (still unbelievable to me).

However, let's parse through Julie Bank's comments in this article...

Let's start with the most absurd. Speaking about the NYC ACC's relationship to the other rescues/shelters and the Mayor's Alliance...

“We are the triage center,” says Julie Bank, executive director of AC&C. “We find appropriate homes for every animal—whether that is through an adopter or a temporary shelter or rescue.” 


Let's forget about the fact that they actually hinder the rescues more than help due to their ineptness, how can she possibly lie and include the word "every" in there? She makes it sound like she's proud of running a no-kill shelter. The only alternative is if she believes that dying at the end of a needle to be an "appropriate home."

Or maybe the "dash" in the sentence was actually replacing words that the reporter chose to delete (her version of Seinfeld's, "yadda yadda yadda"). Let me fix it, to include words that would make the sentence truthful...

"We find appropriate homes for every animal that we don't kill, whether that is through an adopter or a temporary shelter or rescue."

There. Better.

She later added this nugget...

"Every animal that comes in our doors receives medical attention."

Excuse me??

She really likes to use the word "every" doesn't she, whether it's true or not. And, once again, it is not.

We know damn well there are probably dozens (hundreds?) that don't get publicized but here are a few animals that may beg to differ with Julie's statement, like, this one, this one, this one, this dog, who chewed off his own tail due to medical neglect, and Gloria, the poor cat who had a broken leg for three weeks without anyone realizing it. 

In fact, it's so false that a recent audit concluded that the NYC ACC is short on vets and that animals are begin neglected.

Thankfully, those were the only statements that Julie made about the NYC ACC. I'd hate to have to correct EVERY statement she makes.

Harris Bloom


Anonymous said...

Just sent this message to Pet News and Views on FB.

My comment on the blog was deleted but I did want to share with you what your friend Julie is doing at NYC AC&C https://www.facebook.com/notes/urgent-part-2-urgent-death-row-dogs/incompetence-running-rampant-at-nycacc-part-8-acc-to-kill-treasures-puppies/433892436637297

Another interestin blog written by Harris Bloom (in case you don't know him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFlQZ-f4iWY ) http://stewietotherescue.blogspot.com/2012/04/julie-banks-nose-just-grew-another-inch.html

With respect,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Harris... I had a chuckle.. She is a complete idiot and has NO integrity.. How does she live with herself each night?

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

This turns my stomach, how can she even say that with a straight face?

She tried to kill my cat. *I* was the one who got in the car for the 250 mile drive to save the cat, not her. But I'm sure she'd like to take credit for it anyway and will claim my cat's life saved as one of her victories even though it was the rescue, Facebook networking pages and ME who did the dirty work, while Julie and her thugs waited with a needle ready to put my girl down for a sniffle.

Sick. Sick sick sick.