Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen has a dog.....

That's right, Charlie Sheen does have a dog, his own hot dog.  I know...what a blatant attempt to use today's headlines to lure you to our humble site.  You're right, but we got you, didn't we? lol.

Anyhow, it is true.  Charlie does have his own hot dog, which is dripping with "Tiger's blood."  You can read about it right HERE.

Moving on...we've got lots cooking over here with Stewie to the Rescue.  Our last comedy fundraiser was a packed house and we want to thank you for that.  We also would like you to take a brief look at some of the particular help efforts we've been part of.  CLICK HERE to view.

As much as we'd like to say that we can rest on our laurels, the battle is hardly over and we still need your support.  The admission costs of your attendance at these shows goes entirely to help needy animals, as we are not for profit.  Please continue coming.

Our next show is....

Please come out, laugh, and make a difference in a needy animal's life.



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