Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Would YOU Do?

Okay folks...Here's a rhetorical question for y'all (Not sure why I write with a southern accent, when if you watched this video, you can tell I'm Queens, NY, through and through). Anyway....

Congratulations! For some reason, even though the BOD knows you won't kowtow to their wishes, they have annointed you as the new Executive Director of the Animal "Care" and Control!

What would be your first order of business?

For purposes of this question, let's say that the Julie Banks reign never existed, so don't answer anything related to reversing her decisions, like rehiring Emily/Jeff/Derek, giving volunteers access to CHAM, etc. (Cause I KNOW what everyone would say some form of that!)

Rock On,



Kimmi Ramone said...

Open the doors to any and all volunteers to have FULL access to any and all parts of the shelter. Make sure there is adequate staff/volunteer numbers to make sure the cages are kept clean and every animal has clean water and adequate food. Assign an adequate number of staff/volunteers to answer phones, enter accurate info on EACH animal with a direct link to post them directly to FB. I could go on and on listing things that are just basic common sense. I don't know why they call it common sense because it seems to be very rare.

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

Hey Kimmi!

Ok, but to get food for the animals and "adequate" staff, you need money, something the ACC doesnt have right now.

I know it's ridiculous to say that a shelter doesnt have food for the animals, but we all know that that's been the case (I believe a few months ago, right?).

I guess I'm sorta telling you MY answer, which would be two-pronged ...

1 - Do whatever it takes to get in touch with animal lovers with the means to donate REAL money (There's a BOD member with big-time Wall Street ties - God only know why he hasnt done it)... and

2 - Call for a meeting with ten to twenty of the top people in the animal rescue community - Listen to their ideas and hear how I'd be able to help them do their "job."


Yvette S. said...

I agree with Harris. Call an immediate meeting with the top 20 rescue organizations and listen and implement their ideas. These groups have manpower, emotional connection, and fundraising sources to accomplish anything. Look how many animals are helped they already help with the limited power they now have. Imagine these groups were actually nurtured INTO the system instead of denied access.

Violette said...

I agree that getting the rescues involved is probably the first thing to do.

But it also seems to me that the real need here is for fosters. I would suggest an all out public education campaign-driven by the rescues to get more people involved with fostering.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Harris. My very first order of business would be an audit on the finances of ACC. That way I would know exactly what has happened and know how much money is still needed.

Maria Ruoto said...

I'd start by actually stepping foot in the shelter so I could observe the conditions first-hand and also see what the staff and volunteers are doing/not doing.

I'd put a food/blanket/toy donation bin at any and every location that would allow it.

I'd fight to get the other needed shelter locations built.

I'd reach out to the community - people and rescues and ask for their help and advice.

I'd push the volunteer program an beg for people to come in and help. If you drop off a dog - you get a mandatory volunteer stint (a set amount of time you must complete). many other ideas.... :)

Kathy said...

Agree with all of the above;and offer to help the community in some fashion. I learned years ago that when you, as an org get involved; the community then wants to get involved with you. In addition, to everything mentioned by all these great brainstormers-I would extend the hours the shelter is open as well as hold well advertised adoptathons; possibly in conjunction with rescue groups. It matters not if the animal is adopted from the shelter or a rescue-that life is saved and opens up a space for another. I would also implement many of the ideas of Shelter Revolution( socialization/rehab onsite. There are so many ways to raise money and make things work if you try hard enough...

Anonymous said...

1. Work to get AC&C out from under the DOH umbrella. What the heck does an MD know about the proper care of animals?
2. Slash executive salaries and move offices onsite.
3. Replace the current Board of Directors with people who actually give a crap.
4. Strive to let the world that is watching this bad B movie that changes are and will continue to be made for the benefit of the animals and not someone's paycheck.

maxipantss said...

Why not get people on the Board who can actually get people to donate big $$.

Get people on Wall Street, huge corporations, HEDGE FUNDS!!!

These are the people who have $$ and $$ is power.

Then the obvious... volunteers etc.

Oh yeah use unused city building and rehab them (from the $$ donated from the above) to open up new shelters in outer boroughs.

I can go on...

NoKillNYC said...

Stop the killing, stop the killing, stop the killing. It will be tough but media and public will be on our side and rush in to help if they really knew what was going on and they were told how to help. Beg, borrow and steal resources to get it done and shame the powers that be into reforming this mess.