Monday, January 23, 2012

You Have 60 Seconds...Go!

I was taking a look at the No-Kill guide to reforming shelters on your area  and I saw something that interested me..

"Focus your message so succinctly that you could tell a complete stranger everything they need to know in 60 seconds."

I agree, as I have at times come across people interested in whats going on with our shelter thanks to my Facebook/You Tube posts, but can't tell the story without, well, telling a story.

How would YOU tell a stranger our problem with the NYC AC&C in 60 seconds?


Harris Bloom
Founder/President/Bon Vivant


-J. said...

Holy crap. I'm not sure I can do this. And it IS important.

Anonymous said...

OK, as an outside observer (this bit to the end of the brackets doesn't count in my time allowance, I assume):

New York City has an Animal Care and Control facility - which actually doesn't care for animals, as it kills scores daily for trumped up reasons. It operates on minimal lines due to complex budgetary and political constraints, twists facts and figures to portray it's working towards no-kill on the back of independent no-kill rescues to receive funding... yet its management has a high-kill background. What's more, its proactive strategy on pet returns, spay/neuter and lost/found pets is practically non-existent. And this grotesque situation is supported by the administration of one of the "civilised" world's major cities. A deplorable state of affairs.

Subji said...

Other states have no kill shelters , NYC the "greatest" city in the world has kill shelters. CACC ripped off millions of dollars from maddies fund, with the promise of building shelters in the Bronx, and queens which have none!!! And also reneged on the promise of not killing animals for space, so they are killed for temperament , which is subjective, and easily curable illnesses like a cold, which most likely all of the animals who are there for a few days will catch, as the place is unkept. This is our Mayor Bumblebergs legacy.