Thursday, November 3, 2011

Notes From The Underground

As anyone who knows me knows, the ACC is a freaking nightmare.

This is no secret to anyone even remotely involved (even if various public officials and heads of "important" animal-related non-profits suggest otherwise).

What we don't know is what goes on inside, and that's because any staff member or volunteer will be fired if they speak out against the ACC (in fact, rescues wont go on record either as they will be kicked out of the Mayor's Alliance, thereby losing funding, if they speak out).

So, how can we find out what the volunteers think?

We can go HERE - A link to the Shelter Reform Action Committee's Notes From the Underground, which will publish any stories they get from staff/volunteers, with the promise of anonymity.

The first one is already up here.

It will no doubt be an infuriating, but important series.

Harris Bloom


-J. said...

Well, that's not entirely true... I know of one APO that's been very vocal about the ACC/Alliance.

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

I dont know if you're talking about Stray from the Heart, but yes, they are the exception (unless you know of others?) - They are given a pass, I believe, due to their size