Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking Beneath A "Feel Good" Story

Far be it from me to question the recent "feel good" pit bull story about Kilo, the dog who took a bullet to the skull to protect his owner (see story HERE), but I'm gonna do it anyway...

First of all, though I hate to depend on the comments to any story, someone mentioned that the owner, Justin Becker, has done "two bids." That's street slang for jail terms - I don't care enough to research whether it's true, but I don't see any reason to lie about something like that...

I'm also skeptical due to one of his jobs -

"...and is associated with a local business that breeds and sells pit bulls..."

A Staten Island pit bull breeder? Awesome... just what pits need...

And finally, who the hell names a dog "Kilo?"

What do I think happened? This dude still is involved in drugs? The "invasion" was drug related, and he trained his pit to attack on command. Just a hunch, but, unfortunately, an educated one.

Harris Bloom

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