Friday, August 17, 2012

Next Time, Bring A German Sherpa, Rather Than A German Shepherd

This story, at first moves me to tears, then infuriates me...

Quick synopsis - This guy goes hiking up a 15,000 foot mountain with his German Shepard and another hiker. Due to a storm moving in, and the dog's already poor condition, he left the dog up there when they scaled back down.

Another hiker, along with his wife, found the dog a few days later. The dog was injured and too big (over 100 pounds) for them to get down to safety, so they patched her up as best they could and went down for help.

Eventually, a team of rescuers made it up to the dog, and they saved her! Tears!

Now, for the infuriating part...

The owner, one Anthony Ortolani, wants his dog back.

He's got to be kidding. I understand him leaving the dog up there, but to make no attempt to find her after the storm passed!

Not only wouldn't I give him "his" dog, but I hope he gets cited for animal cruelty (which may be forthcoming)...

Note to Anthony - Next time you scale a mountain, bring a German Sherpa, rather than a German Shepherd.

Harris Bloom
Stewie to the Rescue

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Amy Lee said...

Agreed! If a person was injured would they abandon them as well? People don't consider animals to be as worthy as humans. Screw that guy. The dog goes w the rescuers and he should be cited.