Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Swear, My Wife Isn't Beating Me!

I walk my pittie Kilo every night in Riverside Park. I'm a bit of a pushover during these walks as instead of leading him, I allow him to lead me, as I hope it'll make him do his business faster so we can get home faster.

The problem is, it's pretty dark. Two nights ago, I wasn't quite looking where he was leading me and I walked into a tree. I came home with my scalp bleeding.

As if that wasn't dumb enough, last night, it happened again! Only this time, I was crouching under a low branch. I didn't get down far enough and it scraped against my back, again, leaving me bloodied.

I had a physical today, and had to explain my marks to my doctor. I wonder if he believed me.

"So you're telling me you walked into trees two nights in a row?"



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