Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boycotting michael vick Inc. - How Far Will You Go?

Recently, with the announcements that vick (i refuse to capitalize his name) won the BET/Subway Sportsman of the Year award and was signed to a Nike endorsement contract, animal advocates/fans have announced boycotts of BET, Nike and Subway.

I understand why people do it, heck, I am participating myself, but here's the thing - The only time I watch BET is when Juice is being rerun, I really don't care what sneakers I buy, and I eat (errr, ate) at Subway maybe twice a month, and quite frankly, never crave it - I can just as easily go to Blimpie's/Quiznos/Whereever. Point being, I'm not really sacrificing much, and, not really hurting the corporations who are on team vick by boycotting them (don't get me started on how useless writing e-mails/calling them is).

Now, if we dig a little deeper into it, Nike owns Converse, Cole Haan, and Umbro - How many knew that and are boycotting those too?

Still with me?

What about the Philadelphia Eagles' corporate sponsors? Are you boycotting Pepsi (which also owns Gatorade/Tropicana/Lays/Quaker/Aquafina/etc), Budweiser, US Airways, Miller Lite, Verizon?

I also hear that Coke may sign him to a deal. Will you boycott Pepsi and Coke?

Not as easy, huh?

Slightly tangential, what about the fact that President Obama (in a cowardly move, in my opinion) congratulated the Eagles owner (after vick already was already in the league for two years) for taking a chance on him. Do you now not vote for him? What is he's running against (gasp!) Sarah Palin, someone who not only hunts, but brags about it?

And finally, what if you have a good friend, not really an animal lover, but certainly not an animal hater - What if this person is a big Philadelphia Eagles, or Nike fan? You tell them about the boycott, and they tell you that while they understand why you are doing it, they fell along the (ridiculous) lines of Nike (i.e. They dont care). How does that affect your relationship?

Me? I will do my best to boycott all associated products. In fact, I will use it as an opportunity to improve my health. For example, I drink a soda or two a day. I will stop drinking Pepsi (and Pepsi subsidiaries) now, and if Coke follows through and endorses him, I will give up soda.

I know Dunkin Donuts used to be an Eagles sponsor. They haven't responded to my email. Can anyone verify whether they are or not? I go to Dunkin at least once a day, some days up to four times (I have a day job/comedy job/writing/animal rescue/two dogs/six month old baby - 'nuff said)...I will definitely give that up if they are still sponsoring Eagles games. That will be sacrifice!

Rock On,



Rhonda, Patrick Movement said...

Hi Steve, actually, the only product or service I use that you listed is Verizon....sooooooo, but for most people it will be rough....but things like Nike, now thats something else...but If you really want it you can do it....I called Subways and Nike stores in my area and told them quickly before they hung up why I won't be using their services...thanks Rhonda, Patrick Movement DE.....

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

I have one question for ya - Who's Steve?


Jennifer said...

Interesting, I hadn't thought of it in that much detail until your post. I too have boycotted the Eagles, BET, & Subway. I don't really drink any Pepsi products, but I do get them when I am entertaining for variety. I guess I won't be doing that anymore. I was looking at a list of the sponsors for the Eagles and my problem will be Jefferson Hospital, and Geico. I use both of them, but if it really would help I'll cancel today.

Anna said...

Giving up dunkin donuts is a huge sacrifice, especially during the workday. i also gave it up recently, and if i may offer you some advice to facilitate this decision: a personal Keurig machine is about $99 bucks, and the organic coffee k-cups are not completely disgusting. if you have ice in your office, you can even get k-cups for iced coffee. this way, you can have a cup of coffee within 3 minutes, you don't have anything to clean up, and you don't even have to run out and get it.

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

So, wait, do we know that DD is a sponsor? That would suck - I may just take your Keurig idea.