Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Ten Pit Bull Myths Debunked!

There is so much misinformation about Pit bulls out there, I have decided to set the record straight...

1 - Pit Bulls' favorite drink is is the Strawberry Margarita.


It's Tanqueray and Tonic!

2 - Pit Bulls are good at math.


It's art history that they excel in (especially Staffies)!

3 - Most Pit Bulls are Republicans.


63% are registered Democrats!

4 - Pit Bulls can eat twice their weight in butterscotch pudding.


It's Lime Jello!

5 - A Pit Bull was the first dog on the moon.


Sally, an American Pit Bull Terrier was the THIRD dog on the moon (FYI- Alonzo, a chocolate Lab, and Peanut, a hairless chihuahua preceded her).

6 - Pit Bulls are notoriously poor at golf.


While most have natural slices, that can easily be corrected with proper training.

(btw - They are also excellent bowlers and squash players - not great skiers, though)

7 - A Pit Bull invented those hand held fans that also spray water.


But a Pit Bull did invent the tricycle.

8 - Most Pit Bulls' favorite TV show is Pit Boss or Pit Bulls and Parolees.


It's Dancing with the Stars!

9 - Pit Bulls' favorite music is country, especially Johnny Cash and Trisha Yearwood.


Pit Bulls' adore hair metal, especially Motley Crue and Queensryche.

10 - Pit Bulls can not be taught to use a knife and fork.


...oh wait, that's right. I mean, come on!

Rock On,


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