Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stewie Related TV Appearance!

Hey all,

I've been on TV once with Stewie, here.

Though Stewie has passed, his star is still shining bright.

Ya know that reality show LA Ink? Well, they're doing a NY spin-off. I forget what it's called.

Oh, yeah, NY Ink.

ANYWAY, the show starts in June, and a certain someone just might be appearing on an episode getting a tattoo of a certain animal rescue that he Founded and is President of.


Stay Tuned...

Virtually Yours,

Harris Bloom
Founder and President


Darleen Perkowski LoBasso said...

Was it on yet? I was watching that the other night.They had back to back episodes.It's kinda scripted and predictable but I would love to see the episode when you are on.Which tattooer are you gonna have do it?

Stewie to the Rescue! said...

Hey Darleen,

Nope - hasn't aired yet - Yer right, the show is pretty bad (looks like they are trying to create drama), but the tattoo's are cool.

Chris Torres did mine (believe it or not, a nice guy!)

Keep watching! (Though I will post clip of it obviously)