Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Revolution Will Be Blogged

Hey all (two of you),

There's new blogging sheriff in town...

Blogging responsibilities have changed hands here at Stewie to the Rescue to me, Harris Bloom, the Founder and President.

I used to blog for my stand-up career and writing career HERE if you wanna check it out.

A little about me - I have a wife, four month old baby, two dogs (Kilo, a pittie, and River, a cockapoo - both rescues), a day gig doing accounting (meh), I work as a stand -up comic and writer at night (yay!) and I run Stewie to the Rescue. If you wanna read Stewie's story, click here.

I will be blogging everything animal- and Stewie related every two or three days, so please come back and check it out!

Also, I wanna thank Carl Catania for his blogging work - Good luck with your new ventures Carl!


Harris Bloom

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