Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why You Should Vote For Stewie to the Rescue!

Our friends at Don't Be Cruel are having a vote-off on Facebook to give away $2,600 to worthy animal rescues/shelters in the NY/NJ area. Stewie to the Rescue has made the Top Ten Final Round and starting Monday, May 9th, we ask that everyone on Facebook vote for us. Here is why....

All animal rescues are important.

Let's get that out of the way. Spending time, and often our own money, trying to save animals (and speak on their behalf), is doing God's work. There's no doubt about it.

In that respect, it's silly to "rank" the various rescues on some "Importance Scale." But I will say, if there was such a thing, Stewie to the Rescue, would rank extremely high. Why?

We not only help other rescues with their dogs (by providing funding for medical care and training); we also help pet owners keep their pets.

How are we doing this? We work with the Low Cost Vet Mobile that is stationed outside the Manhattan A.C.C. twice a week and the Brooklyn A.C.C. once a week. I visited them a few months ago. Here is my post about that visit...

The owner (Garo Alexanian) has told me that many times, the people who can't afford his already discounted medical treatment, end up surrendering their pets to the shelter. Since these animals are sick, surrenders (so the shelter knows no one is going to come looking for them), often times middle aged or seniors (making them harder to place), are often immediately euthanized.

So, not only has the pet died, but the owner has lost their companion and family member... and anyone who has lost a pet knows how devastating that can be (I know I do).

While we take pride in helping rescues keep animals alive, we take special pride in keeping animals alive AND with their family. We are helping people too.

Being new (operational since mid 2010), we don't have any big money behind us...the vast majority of our funding comes from monthly comedy shows that I produce (Join our mailing list at to get updates!) and an occasional bar social.

Our bank account is dangerously low. If anyone calls this week with a request, I'd have to either turn them down or pay for it out of my own, we can really use the donation.


Harris Bloom
Stewie to the Rescue Inc.

P.S. Though I don't know eight of the other rescues/shelters in this contest, I do know Almost Home Animal Shelter and will vouch for them as well. Nancy Welsh has big plans for them and I'd love to see them come to fruition.

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