Monday, December 6, 2010

Our New Pet Cause

Remember the call I got, and Daisy's sad story?

I hope you was last week.

ANYWAY, I visited the mobile vet unit outside ACC (Animal Care and Control) on Saturday.

Even though it was 35 and windy, there were a bunch of people milling about with family members and dogs (though dogs are family members). I hung out on the perimeter of the group, watching as every few minutes someone emerged from the back of the vet truck, clipboard in hand, calling out another name.

I struck up a conversation with a gentleman, there with his wife and his dog (mutt). He told me he didn't know what they would do if not for this service, as there was no way they could afford a regular priced vet. When I told him my reason for being there, he got a little weepy, thanking me, and even wanted me to take five dollars (I refused - anyone waiting two hours in that weather to see a low-priced doc shouldn't be giving me money)

The next time the assistant came out to call another dog in, I told the guy who I was (ahem) and after alerting the doctor*, he re-emerged and directed me to come in.

I met the doc, and his four assistants, all cramped in the trailer. He told me they've already seen over 2,000 dogs this year. In the summer, he and his team worked sometimes from the crack of dawn till 2 AM. He said it's getting more popular as the word is being spread.

He charges bare minimum (for example, $25 for the visit - my vet charges three times that), but some people don't even have that, and while he can eat the 20-25 bucks for meds if someone doesn't have it, he cant afford to eat the 500-750 that surgeries cost (which is waaaay cheaper than any vet would charge). When I asked him, he said there are about 20-25 cases like that a year.

I gave him my number and told him to call anytime cause I can't hear about another Daisy...the next time, Stewie will come to the rescue.

Founder and President

* I didn't name the vet or his organization as I'm not sure he can handle any more patients than he has anyway. As it is, he doesn't promote this business, but if you are in need, write me.

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