Monday, February 7, 2011

Bowl Aftermath.....

Good morning and a good Monday to you.  So...enjoy your game?  Did it live up to expectations?  Keep you on the edge of your seat?  Everything you hoped it'd be?  I was watching "Knocked Up" on regular t.v. and I enjoyed it lol.

Besides the game itself, the Superbowl is generally noted for its commercials.  The basic consensus I've heard is that they really sucked.  Big letdowns all around.  One commercial they are talking about is from Doritos.

Now some are saying that it has tones of animal cruelty in it, others dismiss it as dark humor...basically harmless fun.  What do you think?

Want to be fully entertained with no aspect of animal cruelty?  Want to laugh, drink, be merry, and support a cause that benefits animals in need?  Well...look no further...



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