Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hellos, Happenings, and Howdy-do's!

Good morning and salutations to you all.  It's Thursday, the day that kind of feels like Friday, but leaves you empty inside after you realize its not and you have to work tomorrow.  Kind of a bummer, huh?

Well, being a Libra, I believe in balance, so I have some good news now.  Behold below for a happening that you're sure to have interest in....

This (the above flier) seems like a great event and you should most definitely check it out.

In addition!  You want more positives? you like to laugh?  I you like to heartily laugh?  Do you like animals?  Do you love animals?'re in luck....

A great show for a great cause.  It's more than a night out...its quality time and a way to help an animal in need.  Don't tell me that's not rad, because it is!



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