Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supper Bowl

That's right.  I did it.  I purposely alluded to supper as to super.  Want to fight about it?

I know today is Super Bowl Sunday and there's tons of people gearing up for a big day of watching football, eating, and probably passing gas.  This is inevitable...the spices in buffalo sauce practically guarantee this...but I digress.

Though today is a day for fun, don't forget your dog.  Get your butt up and walk him during lulls (yeah, like you'll do that) or take him out during half time.  Also, don't let him get too caught up in the festivities.  Meaning...don't let him chow down like you are.

THIS ARTICLE gives you some insights as to what snacks (given in moderation and sparingly) would be okay for your dog to enjoy with you.  What ever you do, don't feed your dog a six foot hoagie.  Send that my way. the day moves forward, gear up, and enjoy.  Have fun and root for your favorite teams and be entertained.  Speaking of entertainment....


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