Friday, November 26, 2010

Anger on Target.....

According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, anger is defined as: a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism.

Many people think negatively about the word and the expressions it conveys, but in truth,  anger isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Anger allows people to express their frustration and shows that we have the capacity to be passionate about a person, cause, or situation.  It illustrates that we have feelings that are well rounded, as we can't always be content or composed all of the time.

There's a story that I never got a chance to blog about that really stuck with me and the details made me angry.

The story involves a dog named "Target", who has been credited in saving several soldiers from a potential bomb attempt in Afghanistan.

As Target settled in with master Sgt. Terry Young, a National Guard Member, she slipped out of the yard and was picked up as a stray.

After being held, the horrific happened, a shelter worker mistakenly took Target out of her pen instead of another dog and euthanized her, even though the dog was not scheduled to be put down.

Let me make clear...I think ANY dog being put down is totally wrong and disgusting.  An animal being silenced is atrocious, whatever the circumstances.

What happened to Target is just a story that happened to show up on my radar due to its media exposure, as opposed to the thousands of cases that go unrecorded.  (To read full article, visit: )

Despite horrible stories like this, there are also positive ones, too.  There are people who aim to change things.  Those who use their anger in a positive way, to fuel their efforts towards making things better.

We aim to contribute and join our passion towards this cause with others who share a love for these animals.  We truly think that together beneficial changes can be made and lives can be saved.

Anger isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if its presented and used in a way that aims to work toward something good.

Just ask the band Rage Against the Machine....they'll tell you that "Anger is a gift..."


- Stewie

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