Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So...we've made it.  Its another year.  Another November.  Another Thanksgiving.

Now, I know when you think Thanksgiving, you think turkey, stuffing, family gatherings, and football (especially this year...some really interesting match-ups happening).

These are all positive and delicious things, but in embracing them, we should try to reflect upon the other reasons why we're thankful.

We should count our blessings.  We should relish in the amazing families, friends, and pets in our lives.  The ones that are always there, that we might overlook and under appreciate.  We should give Thanks and appreciate what we have and hold them close to us. 

As we roll up our sleeves, pull up our chairs, and prepare to chow down, we should also keep some things in mind in regard to our pets.  Though, we're prepared to pig out, our dogs shouldn't be joining us.

Here's an article you should check out regarding the do's and don'ts relating to your dogs and holiday meals.  Give it a look:

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

- Stewie

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