Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't go, weekend...please don't go!

Morning, everyone.  It's Sunday.  Our fun day.  Our, "I don't have to run day".

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.  Unfortunately, like all good things, there is a beginning and an end (Matrix reference).  Monday is looming, but seize the day and enjoy this Sunday before the shadow of Monday gets too close.

That all being said, let me ease into a a video that both impresses and depresses me. 

 Let the dance begin:

I have often been accused of having two left feet.  To be frank (as opposed to Carl), I am a very poor dancer.  I accept this.  Some things are just what they are.

This dog is purely amazing.  He puts me and several other uncoordinated geeks to shame.  As if I didn't have enough reminders of my vast imperfections, now I have to be served by a canine friend.  Jeez.

Also, as a reminder....

Please join us for our FIRST Trivia Night!

Each player on each team will only have to pay ten bucks.

The winning team will get a $50 bar tab (maybe $100) and each member will get a Gold Pass to Chelsea Piers.

Each Gold Pass includes...

1 - A Day Pass to their Health Club (Swimming pool, sun deck, basketball court, cardio equip, etc)
2 - $15 pre-paid ball card and club rental for their golf driving range.
3 - Admission and skate rental at Sky Rink.
4 - 5 batting cage tokens at the Field House (50 balls)
5 - Free shoe rental with purchase of game at 300 New York (Bowling)
6 - Admission for one child and one adult at The Field House's Toddler Adventure Center.


So, please join us - It'll be fun, it's for a great cause, and you could win a cool prize.


Stewie to the Rescue!

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