Thursday, November 18, 2010

Items in the News (11/18)

From NYCDog about the effects of NYC's AC&C budget cuts:

We need to alert as many New York pet owners as possible to micro chip their pets and REGISTER the information and make sure their pets are wearing collars with updated identification tags at all times.
This includes pets lost or found on Long Island as well.  It is possible their pet would be picked up as someone was on their way to work and dropped off at a city shelter.

Due to the DOH budget cuts the New York City Animal Care & Control agency is no longer helping reunite lost and found pets.
-          NYCACC has closed its call center
-          NYCACC will no longer take Lost & Found reports for pets that have gone missing or animals that have been found
-          NYCACC will no longer assist reuniting lost pets that come into the city shelters with their families
-          People MUST visit the Animal Care & Control shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island every other day to check all cages and see if their lost pet is there.  Even if a pet is picked up in Queens, it may be turned in to the Manhattan or Staten Island shelter.
-          Animals turned into the shelters will only be held for 72 hours
-          After the hold time is up, the animals will be put up for adoption or euthanized!
-          There is NO guarantee even if the pet is wearing a collar with tags, or has a micro chip, that NYCACC will contact the owner to come and pick up their pet.

NYCACC are directing people to file lost and found reports on line at the website.  A large problem is that many people misidentify dogs and many of the dogs posted on the AC&C website do not have photos.  There is NO ONE at the city shelters helping to match these reports to those animals that are at the shelter! 

Family pets will be killed or adopted if they are not found by their owners within the 72 hours that they are brought into the shelter!  It can take weeks, sometimes months before a pet is found and brought into the shelter.  Checking all three shelters every other day is not an easy task for a lost pet owner to do for weeks on end.

It is incredible that this is happening in the greatest city in the world! 

These pets are a part of people’s families!!  For some, it is their ONLY family!

We MUST push to get the Call Center reopened and have someone at each of the shelters doing match ups for these lost and found pets!

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