Monday, January 31, 2011

Dogs V.S. People....

Some people are more social than others.  There are those who gleefully embark upon conversation with strangers and there are those who sit quietly in a corner and do their own thing.

I'm the latter.  If I'm waiting around, I'm perfectly content on just going online on my phone, listening to some music, or just generally staring into space.  That's just me.  Am I saying that's the right way to go about things? just works for me.

The last few weeks have resulted in my being bombarded with people who can't quietly sit around, who need to chat (and even invade personal space to do so), and generally are sweet enough to give you diabetes.  All these encounters reminded me how much I like dogs because for the most part, they allow you some aspect of space and don't demand so many interactions.

That kind of thinking led me to find THIS LIST, that highlights some of the ways that dogs are better than people.  Yeah...I'm a jerk, sometimes, but I like my quiet. Lol.

One gathering I'm looking forward to is:

These people are funny and know how to respect personal boundaries! lol.  The proceeds will go to help out some great dogs in need.  Be there!

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