Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go Jets???

Evening and a very happy Sunday, folks.  I know generally we do the blog thing early in the morning, but its Sunday and anything can look at has.  Evening blog!  Alright!!!

Anyhow, most peeps I know are gearing up and hoping for the Jets to win it tonight.  I'm not a football fan, so I'm listening to music and apparently putting together this I have that going for me, I guess.

I saw my nephew today.  He's about 7 months old and isn't crying anymore when he sees me as I've just done away with my goatee, so that's a good thing.  My sister has a big Golden Lab and my mom often visits and brings Buddy the poodle to visit and all is well. 

The dogs are really great with the baby and I'm really glad for that.  I've heard stories of dogs having trouble accepting a new head in the house so I rambled online and found THIS ARTICLE that gives you an overview of the dog / new baby dynamic.  Its worth a read, so give it a look.

Anyhow, it's time to go.  I wish you Jets fans luck.



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