Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its About Poop....

Good morning and happy Sunday to you.  Hope all is well with you guys and that you've enjoyed your weekend thus far.  I have.

There are times in life when the absurd really is something that must be embraced.  If you're like me, you tire of the generic happenings of everyday life and need a dose of stupid every now and then.'ve come to the right place.

I found THIS STORY online (its a been dated...few years back, but just go along with it) and it instantly appealed to me.  Now you can condemn me of being juvenile, but I will rebut by saying it incorporates science and concern for the environment.  Furthermore, it focuses upon practices of another there.  It's about poop.  Check it out!

Also, want you guys to take a second, get your phone, computer, or real-life calendars in front of you and mark down a date:  January 18th.  It's a Tuesday and it's the date of our next Comedy there or be square.

For more info: CLICK HERE.

Until tommorrow...


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