Friday, January 7, 2011

The Fri Guy...

I love Fridays.  Fridays are like being next in line...tons of anticipation, unrealized opportunity, and then ultimately, its all you and you get your reward.  Ahhh...Fridays....better not snow that much.

So, sometimes my mind gets to wondering.  Often that gets me into trouble, but sometimes interesting things come from it.  I was thinking about celebrities and how often they claim to be big animal lovers and all that, so I just became curious as to which celebrity owned what and such...and did some googling.

 I found a site that laid out the name of the dog, the breed, and the celebrity it belonged to.  Thought there was some interesting entries and thought you guys might find it interesting, too.  (Note* - Jessica Alba is pictured I find her hot.  Thank You.)

To check it out, CLICK HERE. 

In closing, we want you guys to enjoy the weekend and want to give a special thanks for those who came out to Fiddlesticks last night to "Drink for Stewie."



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