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Top 10 Cartoon Dogs of all time!

 Good morning and happy Saturday to all of you.  Since its the weekend, there are a different set of rules in the land of the Stewie Blog.  I stretch, contemplate the day's potential events, and incorporate some lunacy and levity into the blog.  Today's levity focuses upon the upper echelon of the cartoon dog world.

I love lists.  I really do.  I like the accumulation of ideas incorporated via rating system, agree with them or not.  Today's list is all about the top 10 cartoon dogs ever.

Now, I checked out a few sites online and put up their views as to whom the top 10 cartoon dogs of all time are.  I looked, but couldn't help but have issue with some of their ratings, so at the very bottom, I put my own list.

What are your thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree?  Hate cartoons?  Let us know.

 According to: The Top Tens

1) Brian Griffin -Family Guy

2) Scooby-Doo
 3) Snoopy
 4) Ren Hoek
 5) Courage the Cowardly Dog
the best
 6) Astro -The Jetsons
 7) Droopy
 8) Charlie B. Barkin -All Dogs Go To Heaven
 9) Tramp -Lady and the Tramp
 10) Dodger -Oliver & Company 

According to: Examiner - Newark

10.  Blue

Astro and Elroy, the Jetsons9.  Astro

 8. Brian Griffin

 7.  McGruff

 6.  Santa’s Little Helper

Odie and Garfield5.  Odie

Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Scene4.  Lady and the Tramp

 3.  Scooby Doo

 2.  Pluto

 1.  Snoopy

Carl's List (aka the right one):

1) Scooby Doo.  Without question, he's the uber-dog.  He talks, eats, laughs, jokes, solves mysteries, and on occasion, picks up women like a madman.  He's an equally respected part of his crew and lets face it, the show isn't called Shaggy or Velma, its called Scooby Doo Mysteries.  Bam!

2) Brian Griffin.  Yes, I wrote it....Brian Griffin.  Now, Brian is somewhat "new school", but I don't think due to the timing of his debut that he should be shunned.  Brian is an amazing dog.  He's funny, clever (he went to Brown), loyal, has crazy game with the ladies, and is pretty much the everyman, with the one exception that he is a dog.  Brian's earned his spot.

3) McGruff "The Crime Dog".  Though he's never really starred in a show, his brief commercial appearances have cemented this bad ass pooch into pop culture history.  Ever hear the phrase, "Take a bite out of crime?"  Well...that's McGruff.  He wears a detectives coat and he doesn't play.  Instant respect.

4) Snoopy.  I was torn about my number 4.  I want to give Snoopy respect, but I feel he's a poor communicator.  That being said, he is a take life by the throat type of dog, so I give him number four ranking.  If he was able to speak and get his point across better, he would've rated higher.  Sorry, Snoops.

5) Mutley.  Mutley is shady, nasty, and sneaky...but oh so cool.  He has probably the best laugh going and never tried to sugarcoat who he was...a dastardly mutt.  Props to Mutley for keeping it real.

6) Spike (from Tom and Jerry).  Spike looks like he can take you out, but despite his gruff exterior, exhibited that he could be a diplomat and often gave fair warning to Tom to leave him alone before he clobbered him.  Spike has both brains and brawn.

7) Scrappy Doo.  Scrappy is pretty much the Hulk, minus the size, power, strength, and more primary vocabulary (and he's a dog).  Scrappy might possibly have anger management issues, but he's loyal to his peeps and brave to a hilt.

8) Droopy Dog.  I like Droopy, but he still kind of vexes me.  Sometimes I drink too much coffee and need things fast...but Droopy's delivery is..well...Droopy.  Besides that aspect, Droopy is smart, determined, and has a generally nice demeanor.  

9) Hong Kong Fuey.  Hong Kong doesn't play.  He's a Karate master, works hard for his money, and is oozing self confidence.  He also has probably the coolest theme music ever.  That being said, he's kind of a one trick pony, but its a hell of a trick.  Go Hong Kong!

10) Huckleberry Hound.  I like how he talks.  That's really it.  He's kind of corny, but sounds cool.

Well, there you have it.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the listings (and I'd love for you to agree with my list) as pop culture is always fun.

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