Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Is Not Gatorade....

Good morning and Happy Hump Day to all of you.  With the threat of being pummeled again with major snowfall, I write this blog with a great sense of relief. 

The NY area only got hit with about 6 inches or so, so its business as usual.  You dog owners don't have to go "Arctic Tundra" this morning in walking your dogs and all of us shovel warriors can save some advil for another time.  All in all, its all good in the hood.

Speaking of snow, came across an interesting (*at least I thought it was, hopefully you will too) question from the website in the dog section it reads....

Question: Does Eating Snow Equal Drinking Water?
Answer: Absolutely not.

The truth is that eating snow requires a tremendous amount of energy, and body heat to melt the snow in the first place, and the amount of water is several times LESS than the amount of snow was originally. A bucket of snow will melt down to a very tiny amount of water.

Snow Poisoning is a recent term for a dog who is essentially dying of thirst, surrounded by snow. It is extremely important to ensure that your dog has fresh water available at all times. There are heated water bowls available to prevent freezing and allow ease of drinking, even in the coldest temperatures. A dog needs more water in the winter as his body expends more energy in just keeping warm. Of course you should always have fresh water available in the house as well.

The Moral?  Make sure your dog has water left out and for yourself, don't rely on snow to quench your thirst.  Buy a water or Gatorade.  Also...avoid yellow snow...just sayin'.

Also, speaking of thirst (love my segways, right?), you can quench your thirst and laugh heartily while supporting a great cause on Tuesday, January 18th @ 8pm for our next Comedy Fundraiser.

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