Thursday, December 2, 2010

America's Most Hated....

I have something to admit.  This something can be construed as somewhat shameful, but I feel in writing this blog, I need to be honest....I like professional wrestling.

There...I came out and said it.  I've watched it since I was a kid, and still check it out from time to time as an adult.  This is my guilty pleasure and now my public shame.

If you've ever watched pro-wrestling, you'll come to find that there are the heroes (good guys) and the villains a.k.a. the heels.

The heels' job is to get the people in the audience to hate them.  They say horrible things.  They commit horrible acts.  They essentially make the heroes lives a living hell.

They do all this with the hope that people will hate them.  They want to hear the "boo's" and rants.  They revel in it.

Of course, most people (including myself) realize that pro-wrestling is mapped out and predetermined.  They know what they are doing.

In the game of life (meaning reality) the ultimate heel we have as animal lover's is Athlete turned animal abuser and defiler, Michael Vick.  He didn't do what he did because he was trying to be hated, he did what he did because he's a disgusting human being and in truth, really didn't want anyone else to know what he was wrapped up in.

The difference between Michael Vick and the world of pro-wrestling is that Michael Vick is genuinely hated.  Its not his "character", but him himself.  The heinous acts he's committed, the atrocities he's managed to get away with, he is nauseating and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Forbes' list gives him the dubious honor of being the most hated athlete (to view article, go to: and if you do any kind of search for him online, you'll likely see an abundance of disdain.  It is unavoidable, but very deserved.  VERY deserved.

As I put together this blog, I did some exploring online.  In doing so, I happened upon an interesting article featuring a focus on Michael Vick and the author's faith in terms of forgiveness.  I found it very interesting and think you might too.  Check it out here:

I'd be curious to hear what  you thought about the article, so feel free to put up some posts about it.  We love feedback.

Until next time....

- Stewie

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