Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three Day Too Late (Sorry Daisy)

I got an email from someone whose dog was ill, but she couldn't afford to take him to the vet. I offered to pay via Stewie to the Rescue and she gave me the vet's name and number so I can make payment arrangements.

As it turned out, this woman had also asked people on Craigslist to help and some other kind person had already called to pay. But I got to talking to the vet.

He runs a low cost operation which isn't publicized, due to an agreement he has with NYC (it helps keep people who don't REALLY need a low cost vet out). He told me that for example, a surgery that may cost $1500, he does for $700. He operates a few of these mobile units on various days of the week. There are usually lines of owners with their animals outside, waiting to be seen.

Due to financial constraints, he can't do lower his prices any more than he has, which can become a problem when an emergency comes in, last this past Friday.

Daisy's owner had read on the Internet that while you can't give a dog chicken bones, you can him them beef bones. They were obviously wrong, and thanks to the "treat" they gave their dog, shards of bone were impacted in her intestines. Immediate surgery was necessary, but they didn't have the money, so they went home.

The doctor got a note on his car the next day from the owners, thanking him for his help, but Daisy died during night.

If I had spoken to him three days earlier, she'd still be alive.

He will call me in the future.

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