Monday, December 20, 2010

Exorcising the Hum-Bug.

Hello and good morning.  I know each of us celebrate different things during this time of year, but as your Blogmaster General, I happen to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is a holiday best enjoyed as a child, as when you get older things become more jaded and certain magics just don't appear least not to me.

One also must note that I used to work in retail for almost 10 years and was hearing Christmas music in October. In addition, seeing the masses of people flood the stores, then more people come back bitching about the quality of their gifts takes its toll on you.  This kind of conditioning and experience can potentially make anyone into a massive Scrooge.

That being said, I'm trying my best to salvage this Christmas.  I have a new nephew celebrating it for the first time, I have a 91 year old grandmother still going strong, and I'm not working retail I want this Christmas to be a good one.

I happened to be exploring online and came across this relevant and topical holiday article in regard to dog owner's tree preferences and some holiday safety tips.  I am a big fan of opinion polls and statistics, so I found it interesting.

I think you might, too.  CLICK HERE to check it out. 

A safe dog is generally a happy dog.

Also, yet another reminder, we have a big holiday event happening this Wed. the 22nd.  Please come down if you can.


- Stewie

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