Friday, December 10, 2010

One Stop Holiday Shop....

Morning, all.  It's Friday.  We made it.  Just a few more hours and most of us will drift into the happiness of what is the weekend, while others (our friends who work in retail, especially) have the honor of catering to a hoard of weekend shoppers looking for holiday deals.

The holidays are upon us.  A very happy Hanukkah to friends already in the midst of celebration and a shout out to any of our friends celebrating any other holidays, too.

Christmas is right around the corner and I just happened to be exploring the internet (as that's what I do when I don't want to leave the house to face the cold) and found an interesting video on

The video features a very interesting "shopper" who happens to have an affinity for chew toys.  It's fun and just shows how amazingly smart animals can be.  Take a look by CLICKING HERE.

For the record, we are by no way condoning theft in any way, shape, or form.  Bad dog!!! lol.


- Stewie

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