Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bad Reputations breed poor treatment for Pits'

Ever have a day where you just don't want to get out of bed?  Today is that day for me.  After a night out and the sampling of an adult beverage that tasted incredibly delicious, yet packed a massive punch, I lurch over my keyboard and hope to pump out a winning blog on this soggy Sunday.

Coffee is not helping, nor did the sleep, but I'm a trooper.  I just took some vitamins and am getting my brain warmed up as I write....almost there....okay.  Now I'm ready. know how Pits' get a bad rap in the news and such?  Well, I stumbled on an interesting little quiz online that challenges the user to pick out the Pit. 

More often than not, other dogs are confused with Pits' and because of this, the breed's reputation has been wrongly tarnished.

To take a look and see how you do on identifying the pits', CLICK HERE

Facts often get convoluted when there is a flood of misinformation. 


- Stewie

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