Friday, December 3, 2010

Murally Offensive?

Morning and T.G.I.F, everyone.  The week has finally crawled to a near-close and the weekend is peeking around the corner.  Thankfully.

Today I wanted to point you in the direction of an article I came across online.  It features an artist, a dog park, and some objections about the art featured.

I think the world is already filled with strife, conflict, and heated opposing viewpoints, so I don't understand why some things are subject to such scrutiny....but decide for yourself:

Also, just as a reminder, we have a fun Trivia Event coming up on Dec. 7th:!/event.php?eid=177696472240843

Try to make it!!!  Bring your smarts!!!

Before we go, we wanted to wish all those celebrating Hanukkah a happy holiday.  Enjoy everyone!


 - Stewie

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