Thursday, December 16, 2010

"F - YOU", Michael Vick!!!!

So, here anything interesting in the news lately?  Anything that really caught your ear?  Um...well we have.

Heard of a guy named Michael Vick?  Football player.  Guilty of viciously torturing dogs and abusing them and making their lives hell on earth?

Ring a bell?

If all of that, him getting off of the charges essentially, and him getting reinstated so he can resume making millions of dollars playing football doesn't piss you off enough....CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO.

Okay?  Are you sufficiently pissed now?

I am.  I can't see how you couldn't be.

That smug, piece of s*&t just sits there and with a straight face says that he'd love to have a dog again?  Are you serious?!?  Really?!?

It's like Jaws being forced to undertake therapy then requests a human swimming buddy to help him get through his rehabilitation.

Immediately after viewing the interview I thought that the boundaries of reality had snapped and time and space had crumbled apart, but then the true horror was, it didn't.  This was real.  Unbelievable!!

I know its the holidays and all, but am I wrong in hoping something really bad happens to you, Michael Vick?  Something really...really bad.

Happy Holidays, everyone, and F - YOU, Michael Vick!!!



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