Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Tonight's the night.  Big anticipation.  Most of us will be getting together with friends and family to usher in the new year.  Some of us will be randomly hoping to hook up.  Others, going to sleep early.  Whatever you decide to do, make it safe, okay?

Ever see the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?"  The one with Jimmy Carrey?  I did and I thought it was awesome.  Even the sequel.  The reason I ask is because we happened to find an article that features a real pet detective and thought you'd find it interesting.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Also, we want you to get your calendar out.  Whether its old-school or electronic, get it out, okay?  We'll wait.  Not all day, though.  C'mon!  Got it?  Okay, mark this date down: January 18th, 2011.  Got it?  Excellent!

We're going to be having a big comedy fundraiser on the 18th and we want to see you there.  Its going to be a lot of fun and will help make a lot of needy dogs happy, so please do what you can to be there.

CLICK HERE for details on the event and how to get tickets.

Okay, 2010 is almost in the can.  Let's make 2011 count big time, guys.  Lets make a difference.  Have fun tonight, but be smart and be safe.

See ya next year....


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