Sunday, December 26, 2010

Damn it, Santa, not a blizzard!

Morning to all.  Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays (and hope you still are if they're still going on for you).

For me, the last two days have consisted of hardcore family get-togethers and eating an abundance of food.  Way too much food.  Italians don't play. 

If you are ever invited to an italian family's house for dinner, pace yourself.  Never, ever, clean your plate quickly or you will be subject to berating and peer pressure to have more.  Even though I'm italian, I do often overlook this rule and still for whatever reason think I'll get out unscathed.  The very definition of insanity.  Too much food. 

Anyhow, if you've been listening to the weather reports in the NYC area, you'll know that we are theoretically due to get bombarded with a snow storm.  Generally, I take weather people's predictions with a grain of salt, but they are barking very hard about this one.

So, with the impending weather, I found a safe guard list to protect your pets from the nasty weather.  You can check out the article HERE.

Stay warm and stay safe.



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