Saturday, December 4, 2010

Help is a great four letter word.....

A hearty good morning to all of our friends.  Its a crisp Saturday morning that's ripe with momentous possibilities.

You can throw on the old winter coat and go to the park.  You could get a posse together and accept the challenge of shopping at your local mall.  You can watch Netflix, order chinese food, and be a shut-in all day.  So many options.

Another option could be lending a helping hand.  As you folks probably know by now, Stewie to the Rescue aim's to make a difference and and we couldn't do it without your support.  You are the life-blood that makes the Stewie body tick and we more than appreciate that.

That being said, we are often asked by friends and supporters what can be done in helping us with our mission.  Well...there are a few things:
  • Come to our fundraisers and bring your friends – We make it fun to donate by sponsoring trivia nights, wine tastings, and monthly comedy shows, where the proceeds go towards funding our mission. Please join our mailing list on our home (link) page to find out about upcoming events!
  • Donate an item for one of our raffles – We raffle items at many of our events. It’s even tax-deductible!
  • Volunteer to foster - Stewie will pay for all of the pet’s expenses, including food, toys and grooming! Write us at if interested.
  • Create and run a fundraiser.  Are you an artist or photographer who can create portraits of pets?  Do you manage an event space?  Know someone who owns/runs a winery? Again, contact us at with your ideas. 
 Please take the time on this potentially awesome Saturday and help out if you can.  As far as four letter words is one of the best and we totally appreciate all of it from our friends and supporters.

Thanks and ttys

- Stewie

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