Friday, December 24, 2010

Is My Dog Sick?

Morning, everyone.  We're bearing down on Christmas and I know many people are scrambling for last minute gifts, getting their dinner menus together, and taking the next flight out of town. 

Bottom line:  everyone seems to be busy, even if you're not necessarily celebrating the holiday.  There's a rush of busy in the air.

With this kind of mode, we can very well overlook things in our immediate environment.  One such thing that we must pay close attention to, is our dog's health.

I know our furry friends do take up a good deal of our time, but sometimes if you're not paying attention, they could be trying to tell you they're sick.

What am I saying?  Take a break and check out your dog.

I found an article that highlights some signs that would indicate that your dog is under the weather and I wanted to share it with you HERE.

Check it out.  Keep your eyes open.  Love each other.  Love your pooches.  Love your holiday cookies...not too much still need to fit in your pants.

Happy Holidays,

- Stewie

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