Monday, December 13, 2010

Michael Vick is not welcome in many places, especially E-Street

Good morning and a very happy Monday to all our friends and readers.  Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are enjoying the holiday season thus far.

This morning's blog is going to seem somewhat repetitive in nature, but I (Carl) haven't really tackled the subject that fully or really given my opinion on it in absolute terms, so, cut me a drop of slack, okay guys? lol.

I'm an avid Howard Stern listener.  Some love him, some hate him.  That's all good.  This is America and we're given the ability to choose.  God bless it.

Anyhow, as I said, I'm a big fan (and very happy he signed an extended 5 year deal with Sirius) and was listening to the other day as he was speaking about an article written by musician Nils Lofgren from the E-Street band (the guys who back Bruce Springsteen) regarding Michael Vick.

Howard has stated numerous times he's against Michael Vick and started reading Nils' article on the air.  It caught me as pretty interesting and I thought I'd dig it up for you folks to read and give your opinions about.

You can check out the article RIGHT HERE.  I'd love to get your feedback and opinions on what he said and any further thoughts on the topic.

Speaking for myself (Carl), I think Michael Vick is a piece of s*&t and should be rotting away in a jail cell somewhere.  The guy, despite whatever nonsense excuses somewhat might dig up about him regarding his background, knew what he was doing and because of his "Celebrity" status and football skills has been given a pass.  Its bulls*&t, plain and simple.  If he was a mediocre player he'd be in jail and nothing but an afterthought.

That's my two cents.  What's yours?


- Stewie

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